What glue can I use?

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We supply a glue specifically formulated for the type of material and likely application method - search for 'tolex glue' in the website.

The glue is a brush-on adhesive ideal for applying tolex. Cleans up with soap and water. No nasty solvents required. Does not stretch or shrink the vinyl. 

Tolex Glue is a non-flammable, neoprene based, water borne adhesive formulated to bond tolex and vinyl to wood and wood based substrates.

Min. use temp: 45°F
Shelf Life: 6 Months

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean. Apply a very thin coat to both surfaces. Very porous surfaces may require more than one coat. Second coat should not be applied until first has dried. Allow to 'flash off' for 20-30 minutes. Cloudy areas indicate incomplete drying. This time can be shortened with forced air and/or heat. Position pieces carefully prior to bringing surfaces together as bond is made instantly. A pinch or J-roller roller is recommended to obtain proper mating.

Clean Up:
Cleans up easily with warm soapy water.

Store tightly closed at room temperature. DO NOT Freeze.

Cautions or Warnings: for industrial use only. Consult MSDS prior to use

UPC: 609722167628

RoHS Compliant


You will need about 1 quart of glue for 2 yards of tolex.

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